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Are you looking for feline peace in your home?
Meet Jennifer Catpurr, your cat behavior consultant.
Serving cats worldwide.
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Next Public Appearance:

Join me at Cat Fest Colorado in Colorado Springs on Saturday, July 20th. I'll be delivering a Cat Training 101 presentation on the Main Stage at 11am. See you there!

Summer Tampa Trip!

I am making a rare summer trip to Tampa from August 15th to 20th and have a limited number of in-home consultations available during that time. Contact me to discuss Tampa booking options


September 2023:

Celebrating 10 years as a cat behavior consultant! It's been an incredible decade of happier cats.

If you are looking for prices, click here.


Jennifer Catpurr works with cats and their parents to create a more harmonious feline-human world. This includes teaching behavior modification training, environmental enrichment, proper playtime, body language techniques, and emotional support. 

Jennifer earned a Master of Public Administration from the University of South Florida. After completing her MPA, friends and acquaintances increasingly solicited her expertise on cat behavior and care. She determined that her lifelong love of cats could become a career on its own. This spurred her to further her study of cat behavior, and in 2013 Jennifer Catpurr was born. She was assisted in the learning process by her cat, Whiskey, whom you can find in all of her training videos. 


Outside of private cat behavior consultations, Jennifer is the go-to cat behavior consultant for St. Francis Society Animal Rescue in Tampa. She conducted presentations on low-stress handling and common cat behavior solutions to all five Tampa Bay Vets hospitals in 2019. She is a member of the Pet Professional Guild, which focuses on results-based, science-based, force-free training. One of her cat training videos was featured in the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants Fall 2017 Journal. She interviewed for articles on the blog and appeared in a Spring 2018 national commercial for Chewy. She taught clicker training classes at Tampa Bay KittyCon and Manatee County Animal Services. She was a guest speaker at Snowcats Denver in December 2019 and will be a guest speaker at Cat Fest Colorado in July 2024. You may have even heard her cat training advice on the radio as a guest on 970 WFLA's AM Tampa Bay.


Client references are available upon request. 



My cats have been getting along swimmingly since I followed your recommendations. My female cat stopped overgrooming and seems happier, more alert, and more playful. If it wasn't for your suggestions, I'd still be pulling my hair out and she would still be suffering. Thank you! 

My cat intermittently peed outside the litter box for years. Jennifer showed me how I could alleviate his stress, and now I'm proud to say he is back to 100% litter box use!

Ryan Brooks, Cat Parent

Seriously, I cannot recommend Jennifer highly enough.  She will take care of you just as much as she takes care of your cat.  Please consider working with her before you rehome your kitty.  I speak from personal experience that rehoming may not ultimately be required. 

Lauren Patterson, Cat Parent

Debbie Snow, Cat Parent


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