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This field requires some level of self-promotion, which I tend to not make much time for. I realize that Jennifer Catpurr reviews are important, so I just sat down and gathered client feedback from emails I've received in order to get on the self-promotion wagon. I appreciate that this can create an extra level of confidence in my potential clients. Here you go:

****Updated in 2022!

Helping cats get along can be exasperating, and I'm glad to have created a plan for Mindy's cats that resulted in success. Posted with permission:

Here's a review within a review - I posted this glowing feedback on Facebook and received additional glowing feedback in return:

This issue involved two cats not getting along, and required a lot of time and work. But it was worth it!

One of my clients, Melissa, sent this referral to someone in need of cat behavior help. There is more to the email, but this screenshot near the end of it summed up her points nicely:

This client had various multi-cat issues, including a timid cat, cats not getting along, and urination outside the box:

Later that year, she enlisted my advice again regarding the behavior of one of her cats, which I suspected was a medical issue:

An update from my clients after two in-home visits. They are a wonderful couple with a sweet son:

I love that they sent me another update on 12/24/19 and included a video! It made my day.

When one of my lovely clients in a tough situation initially reached out to me. I was glad to help.

And a bittersweet follow-up from that client in June 2019. I love my clients and the work that I do.

This was a text from a client that I have adored keeping in touch with through the years after our initial consult in 2017.

I believe these are great examples of the relationship I strive for with my clients. I am always rooting for you and your cat. After our consult, your cat stays on my mind, and I always welcome updates, questions, and anything else.