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What Clients Can Expect

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

If you are seeking a cat behavior consultation, I'm here for you! I value my clients and take their trust in me seriously. You may be wondering about the process, so here it is.

For clients who book a one or two consultation package (not a New Love Consult, Cat Tricks, phone, or text consult), we start off with a pre-consultation questionnaire so that I can tailor your plan to your household. At the start of the consult, whether it is in-home or video, we'll have a home tour so I can assess the setup for your cat and see any problem areas. I'll also observe your cat(s), but cats don't always engage in the undesired behavior in question while I'm watching. For this reason, taking video of the behavior beforehand helps. I'll ask questions, then we'll discuss implementing a behavior plan along with any environmental modifications needed. After the consult, I will type up your behavior plan and email it to you. You have six weeks of support from the date of the consult, so feel free to ask me questions and send me updates. For two consult packages, we will have an additional consult six weeks after the first one.

That covers it!


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