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Where Love Exists

I admit it, my attention to this blog has been sub par. I have become so used to typing bits of information as Facebook and Twitter-sized statuses that it's hard to know where to begin with a real blog. I mull over the direction to take the blog: Should I keep it as short Q&As? Or talk about my life with Whiskey? Should I post on the latest cat news? Is it best to have my tone as lighthearted and fun or more serious and science-based? Hmm.

Ultimately, if I can draw people's attention to cats and how to make their lives better, my goal will be achieved. When I volunteer at shelters, I am struck by what the cats ask of me: to love them. It is the simplest request, and entirely heartwarming.They need my time and a gentle touch. They also need wand toy playtime, which they often don't receive much of in shelters (and homes!)

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