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Hold Me-ow

If you are like me, you crave feeling close to your cat. You want to pet him, hold him, head butt him, sniff his yawns... anything to feel connected with him. But you have a dilemma: your cat doesn't like to be held.

Before you live a life without the reassuring feel of your cat relaxed in your arms, try holding him in sweet spots. A sweet spot is a place he enjoys: if he is contentedly cuddling in your lap, gently pick him up and hold him against you. If he likes to go outside, pick him up by the door and slowly walk outside, letting him experience the sights and sounds with you. If he starts to become agitated, take him back in and put him down.

The key is to keep your cat in a relaxed state while he is in your arms. He should slowly become adjusted to being held, with the experience that good things happen to him while he is held. Some cats need baby steps for adjustment, and that is fine. It is important to proceed at your cat's pace. The reward can further strengthen your bond while creating a more docile feline friend.

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